Our day habilitation program provides a wide range of opportunities for growth and engagement to help participants develop the skills and interests most meaningful to them. The program operates weekdays from 8.30 to 2.30 and we provide transportation for participants. Opportunities are as broad and varied as the name suggests. Talents can be developed in everything from cooking and woodworking to computers and technology, and there is the chance to enjoy art, gardening and music interests and participate in sports and enjoy swimming, walking and hiking.


Just as importantly, day habilitation is a place to form friendships, develop confidence and have fun.


Transportation is provided to the program, which operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Our staff is medication certified and overseen by a registered nurse

We believe that an individual with the desire to work deserves the chance to prove themselves. The process of helping individuals seek and gain employment has many parts. The journey begins with the individual and the motivation that will carry them through as well as the support required to develop the various capabilities required. For some, developing the poise required for a job interview can be a challenge. Others may need to hone their interpersonal skills. A dedicated team takes a tailored approach with each individual.


As success also requires employers committed to the individual’s success, we work with local businesses to create opportunities for the people we serve. Support encompasses preparing the employer for what may be a new experience and providing ongoing guidance where it’s needed.

It’s important to make every effort to ensure that individuals with varied strengths and challenges receive the services that are right for them. individuals. The Case Manager helps align resources with each person’s circumstances, needs and goals.


‘Person centered services’ are an easy thing to agree on as a goal, but in the real world it is not a accomplished without thought and effort. That is one reason that those who know the individual best are involved in the process—family members often join the ADAPT of the Hudson Valley team for Annual Reviews. These are opportunities to revise the plan of care and ensure that it meets the individual’s evolving aims and needs.

The commonsense concept of breaking down complex processes to their simplest steps proves effective time and time again. Whether the goal relates to developing social skills, learning to write or speak the participant is rewarded at each step toward the goal and even a tasks that may be quite challenging for some can be attained.

Supervised living is offered in over 40 group homes throughout Orange, Rockland and Sullivan Counties, all staffed around the clock to provide services ranging from meals and transportation to medical assistance. The focus is on providing each individual with the specific supports that they require while helping them toward an active and enjoyable life in rural and suburban environments settings



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