ADAPT of the Hudson Valley

We begin an exciting new era as a stronger and more resilient provider of supports and services to people with special needs.

This means an ever-deeper commitment to those we support, new reasons to join the team, and the emergence of a dynamic new resource for the Hudson Valley


Encouraging Independence


The focus is on one overarching goal: fostering independence

Caring for caregivers


The opportunity for a break, secure in the knowledge that the person you look after is in good hands.

One person at a time


One-on-one mentoring to prepare individuals to live
happily in the community.

Meeting all your needs


We also offer Case Management, Supported Employment, Day Habilitation,
Supervised Residences, and Behavioral Support.




Supporting people with disabilities and their families teaches us that life isn’t always predictable. It can be uncomfortable to live without the usual milestones we all depend on, but growth starts when we stop looking back and focus on the future.


Today, health care is changing, from how people receive servicesto the way we understand how brain and body work and define health and wellness. For the people of ADAPT of the Hudson Valley, who are positioned to help shape the future, this is both challenging and exciting.


As we reimagine and improve supports and services, we will help make the next years an era of breakthroughs. We will seize the opportunity to lead in order to serve the people we support, encourage our colleagues and enrich the communities of the Hudson Valley.

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ADAPT of the Hudson Valley Community


Our mission is to empower individuals through innovative solutions, one person at a time.